It’s a fact, as a person ages we begin to observe changes in the way we look, in our habits and in our health. With a few gray hairs and a couple of laugh lines, we notice our eye vision begins to deteriorate.,If you’re around 40 years old and/or approaching middle age, you may have noticed that you’re arms are “getting longer”. This “long arm syndrome” is known in the medical world as Presbyopia. Fact is, most people approaching their silver age suffer from this degenerative eye condition. Basically, the once young and flexible eye lens begins to age and harden. The lack of flexibility in the eye lens prevents the ability to change focus from something at a distance to something up close.,You may notice that after a long day, your eyes are strained. Some may feel a stinging sensation while others may develop a dull headache. This is caused by overworking the eye muscles and squinting. In rare cases, some may even experience nausea as a result of too much eye stress during the day hours.,Unfortunately there isn’t much a person can do to prevent Presbyopia. No amount of exercise or healthy eating and/or healthy lifestyle will change whatever your genetic disposition has in store for you. However, treating it is quite simple with corrective eyewear. All you have to do is visit your eye doctor and have a quick exam. After a comprehensive eye exam, you’ll be given a few options on how to treat your Presbyopia.,The simplest thing to do, especially if Presbyopia is a new thing for you, is to get a pair of reading glasses. Ready-made reading glasses come in a plethora of fun styles and colors. Experimenting with fashion by purchasing a somewhat outrageous pair of glasses is super easy to do without risking a lot of money. And if you find that you don’t like the look, you can always get another inexpensive pair with a more conservative style. Because they’re so affordable you can stash a few extra pairs around the house, in your car, office, handbag, and so on.,Readers are cheap and easy to get from a local drug or convenience store but keep in mind with cheap eyeglasses, the quality of the lenses might be compromised. Be sure to inspect the lenses carefully before purchasing a ready made one. Check to see that the lenses don’t have any tiny bubbles or distortions to the lens. Another option is if you already have prescription glasses, is to go for a multifocal lens the next time you’re in the market for a new pair of glasses. The classic bifocal lens and progressive lens are made just for this.,It’s important to remember that visiting an eye doctor to get a prescription for your Presbyopia is the smartest and healthiest way to go. As of late, there has been an increase of adults “self prescribing” these ready-made readers. The downside of this is that many drugstore readers have the same magnification power in both lenses but more often than not, a lot of people have slight differences in their eyes requiring a slightly different magnification power for each eye. If a person misdiagnoses the magnification strength that they need, a plethora of ailments will follow. Custom made readers are designed just for you and are always a better option.

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