Colostrum powder acquires a complete protein containing all essential Amino Acids, Fatty Acids and Glyconutrients. It is the first milk secreted by a mammal after the first few hours before and after birth of mammals. It is obtained from the initial milking that undergoes stringent processes for avoiding loss of nutritional benefits. The powder and contains the essential growth factors for your body. The growth factors increase cell re-growth and reduce the signs of ageing. By adding this powder to a balanced diet you can attain excellent results in weight loss and increase level of muscle. It is a functional food supercharged with over 100 Immune factors and the entire IGF-1 Super Family known growth factors. Colostrum powder is tested to be free from pesticides and synthetic hormones.,Why to Choose Colostrum powder?,The powder contains high levels of Immunoglobulin that offer unparalleled boosting properties to your body. It is highly advantageous in reducing the effects of ageing, poor digestive system and helps in building lean muscles. The powder has natural Chymosin that protects against stomach acid and is chemical-free with 100% natural with no filters of any sort. The powder supports good digestion and is dense in boosting your immune system. It also ensures bio-availability as it passes through the intestine.,Weight management products are combined with an exercise program that is best suited for losing weight. These products offer a low calorie diet plan and if taken regularly offer best results than any other magic pill. These products are classified in different classes that include natural vitamins and herbal natural supplements essential for reducing weight.,Benefits of Weight Management Products:,These products not only reduce weight but focus on the loss of inches or body size reduction (fat loss). The products related to weight loss are made of organic plants, herbs and fruits. As they contain fruits and are rich in anti-oxidant that not only assist in losing weight but boost your immune system. These products are an excellent form of dietary supplement and control your appetite and speed up your metabolism.,Meal replacement shake literally works on shrinking fat cells among other things and can be blended with frozen fruits to create your very own smoothie, plus they provide 27 grams of protein in a 58 gram serving. It is considered as a tasty tool for your body that is best for attaining successful long-term weight loss. Potential benefits of this shake include inch loss, high energy levels, tightening of skin and better mental clarity. You can consider this shake as a healthy meal replacement option and offer natural ways for losing weight.,Meal replacement shake are great for protein intake, increase energy levels and maintain a proper balance of sugar level in your body. These shakes offer low-fat meals that contain high amount of protein and supply essential amounts of vitamins and minerals. You can consume this shake at least once in a day and attain nutritional value for your health.,Health and fitness products can offer wonders to your body and make some alluring promises for stimulating skin’s natural collagen production.

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