Some of the finest analgesic balms and oils are produced in Thailand. This isn’t really surprising as in daily Thai culture, for nearly 2,000 years, traditional massage treatments have always played a pivotal role.,Now it is possible ordering world-class medicated massage balms, oils, lotions, creams and gel securely through the internet at the cheapest rates. It takes only a few clicks with your mouse!,Herbal Thai massage balms are manufactured using the best entirely natural ingredients. Several of the principal ingredients include substances such as: coconut oil, eucalyptus oil, menthol, peppermint oil and camphor. Available are extreme cool balms as well as strong hot massage balms.,Most persons prefer to use the hot yellow balms treating physical inconveniences including; muscular pains, severe headaches, arthritic and rheumatic aches. In addition, numerous athletes and sports fanatics make use of hot massage balms and oils, warming-up the muscles.,Treating vertigo, minor headaches, sleepiness, insect bites, stuffed noses, sprains, bruises, strains, itches and skin rashes can best be done with some of the effective ice-cool and refreshing analgesic balms that are usually white-colored.,Handmade pain-relieving balms are favoured with the Thai locals. Bangkok’s internationally-recognized massage school at the Buddhist temple, known as Wat Po, produces several of the best handmade massage balms and oils, such as aromatic lemongrass and aloe vera balm.,In the West most people are solely familiar with Tiger Balm from Singapore because this is the only analgesic balm offered by the European, Australian and North American drug stores.,However, today shoppers have the comfortable option buying Thailand’s greatest medicated massage balms at the best online prices. After having done some online research, I did come to the conclusion that most of the main internet suppliers offer these health-improving products at rather high prices.,There’s one exception, LithasMassageBalms.Com was launched early 2011, and has a comprehensive collection of analgesic herbal balm, warm-up cream, and aromatic Thai herbs along with carefully selected items, which can be used relaxing body and mind, foot massages, erotic body massages or just to enjoy pure relaxation.,Growing in South-East Asia only, hop-headed barleria (plant of the Acanthaceae family) and Zingiber (plant species of the ginger family) balm are most likely the best-working herbal balms used by large numbers of satisfied international customers relieving their muscular aches, spasms and pains.,In addition, several outstanding health-improving oils such as the lovely-smelling Eagle Brand from Singapore and refreshing White Flower from China can be easily and safely ordered via the internet.

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