We are not winning the war against cancer and our medical system doesn’t have the answers to the problem. It’s our number two killer in western societies and yet we have been told for years that a breakthrough is just around the corner. War was declared on cancer back in 1971 so why now that over 40 years have past, we still only have the same ineffective treatments of surgery, radiation and chemotherapy that were used back in those early days.,Cancer has baffled doctors and research scientists for years and while they understand a little more now days, the number of people dying from the disease is still increasing. The reason why it is increasing lies with our modern medical system which is drug based which means profit. While we have a superb health care system if we break a leg or have an accident, when it comes to degenerative diseases such as cancer the system mostly fails.,Here is the truth about cancer and why they can’t find a cure for it. It is one disease in a hundred different locations and the growth is just the symptom of the disease. The growth itself is a sign that something is wrong with the entire body so that’s why removing only the growth seldom solves the problem. Our medical system focuses solely on removing cancer but what they should be doing is treating the malfunctioning body that caused it to grow in the first place.,We believe we have medical freedom in the choice of treatments but with cancer we don’t. The options being pushed by our mainstream medical system are nothing more than ineffective toxic treatments all owned by the “for profit” cancer industry. It’s a multi billion dollar industry that is turning patients into profit centres as money has dominated our health care system.,There are many diseases that cannot be cured with drugs and cancer is one of them along with rickets, scurvy, pellagra and AIDS. The problem with these deficiency diseases is that to treat them successfully, no one can profit from them because there are only natural ways to overcome them. You have to correct the root cause of the problem and our three ways of treating cancer today will never do that.,Vast amounts of money have been spent in looking for new drugs to treat cancer but what they are looking for doesn’t exist. All cancers are caused by the way we are now living and because of it; our immune system has weakened and allowed these foreign cells to multiply. Common sense should tell you that you have to remove the factors that first caused it before you can overcome it.,Of course we are all being kept ignorant about cancer and we believe only our doctors can sort out complex problems like these. That’s why our medical system uses terminology we don’t understand which makes the average person feel ignorant and stupid. This keeps people from believing that they could never heal themselves.,People can heal themselves from any cancer and it’s been carried out thousands of times in the past. It is a far more effective and safer approach. It uses the power of our immune system which needs to be boosted which will then remove the cancer safely and of course without any side effects. It works with all cancers and it works for everyone.,A quick way to remove cancer is never the best way because it will only come back again and that’s when it becomes dangerous.

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