Many people with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome are advised to have surgery as if Carpal Tunnel Surgery is no big deal with no risks and no potential for complications. From a surgeon’s perspective the surgical procedure is a relative easy procedure. This surgical procedure only takes about 20 minutes, there are no major organs involves and the incisions are small and not deep. Also, there is no good way to prove negligence on the part of the Surgeon when things go wrong.,Interestingly, the Surgeon makes over a thousand dollars for a few minutes of work. No wonder Carpal Tunnel Surgery is the most performed surgical procedure.,However, from the patientā€™s perspective, it is a big decision that one should not take lightly due to the many risks and potential complications of Carpal Tunnel Surgery.,Below is a doctor reviewed list of what can go wrong with a Carpal Tunnel Surgical Procedure. You should not go forward with surgery for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, until you understand what can go wrong.,It is not uncommon for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Symptoms to return within a time frame of months to several years even in a successful surgical procedure. If repetitive stress continues on the hands, the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome will almost always return. Due to the scaring of the carpal ligament it is not considered good practice to perform carpal tunnel release surgery more than twice on the same hand. It is an expensive procedure with only a 50% patient satisfaction results.,It is important to consider the risks of surgery before proceeding into Carpal Tunnel Surgery. As many as 50% of patients regret having the surgery based on patient surveys. They are surprised they get CTS symptoms returning within a relatively short time. Their hands experience a permanent loss of grip strength and pain at the point where the ligament was severed.,So, what can you do to avoid surgery for Carpal Tunnel? There is a reliable proven method that works and can be performed in the comfort of home while you sleep. Neurologists call The Carpal Solution Therapy the best first line of defense to treat Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. It is a patented product that offers people a non-surgical solution to their pain and suffering and eliminates the risks of Surgery. It is registered by the FDA. The Carpal Solution Therapy was developed by a medical doctor that has a proven track record of 97% success. The Carpal Solution gives you the results you need without exposing you to the risk of surgery. Plus, you get the peace of mind that you were wise to avoid the risks and potential complications of repeated surgical procedures. Now you know why Carpal Tunnel Surgery is a last resort for thinking people. Thanks for your attention.

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