With the fast-paced lives people have these days, it’s no wonder that their diet goes out of kilter. This is why the demand for a nutritional supplement has increased tenfold over the years. Wherever you may be, you may have heard a lot of positive claims regarding the health benefits of these supplements. But how will you know if whatever is inside the bottle is actually safe for you to take? How would you know if science has in fact proven the claims to be true?,Dietary Supplement Defined,These dietary supplements contain one or more of the following:,• Amino acids,• Vitamins and minerals,• Animal extracts,• Enzymes,• Pro-biotic,• Herbs,• Botanicals,These supplements may come in capsules, tablets,,gelcaps, soft gels, powders or liquids. Keep in mind that like any other drug you take in, any nutrition supplement may also have effects similar to any drug you take.,However, the US FDA does not review these,supplements the same way they do with your conventional drugs and foods. They have another set of regulations for them. Based on the FDA’s DSHEA or Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994, the manufacturer has the responsibility to ensure the safety of the product before it is marketed. If the product is proved to be unsafe after it has reached the market, it is the responsibility of the FDA to take the necessary actions against such product.,What Do You Get From These Supplements?,Supplements are not cures, this you need to keep in mind. They are not supposed to treat, cure, diagnose or prevent any disease. They do ensure that you get a sufficient intake of the essential nutrients but they do not replace the different food groups you need in a healthy diet. You still need, therefore, to eat a variety of foods.,Is It Safe To Take Them?,Remember that anything you take in will always have an effect on your body. Not all nutrition supplements are quite safe. Therefore, if you are not sure of the safety of a dietary supplement, then try to have a word with your doctor, dietician or pharmacist. It is also advisable that you inform your doctor if you plan to take a nutritional supplement with your conventional therapeutic treatment to ensure that no problems will arise from its combination.

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