Our current treatments for cancer attack the growths with surgery, radiation or chemotherapy with little success but a far more effective way is to heal the body because it was a malfunctioning body that caused the cancer to appear in the first place. A cancer growth anywhere in the body is only a symptom and is not the problem and that is why the treatments today mostly fail.,There are reasons why we get cancer but none of our treatments deal with these reasons. To treat cancer effectively you need to understand what the disease is and why it appeared in the first place and when you learn that, you will realize that just removing growths seldom work long term. The only way to remove cancer permanently is when someone deals with the reasons why it first grew because if you don’t it will only come back again in some other area.,Because of the many misconceptions associated with cancer we all believe it is an isolated problem but cancer is always a problem with the entire body and the growth itself is telling you that something is wrong with the body. That’s why you need to treat the whole body and the only way to do that is to find the reasons why the cancer first grew and remove those reasons. When you do that the body will heal itself through the immune system.,Cancer is rarely a genetic problem and the majority of cancers appear because of environmental factors such as the wrong food we are eating and other lifestyle ways we are now living. Of course the treatments today involve poisoning or burning rapidly growing cells which are cancer cells but they also destroy rapidly growing healthy cells as well. Also the side effect of radiation and chemotherapy is more cancer at some later stage and you won’t be told that.,You may wonder why we have radiation and chemotherapy which damages the body but that is in line with all of our drug based medicine. Today we only have a medical care system which is profit driven and that is why our drugs are synthetic or artificial which then becomes profitable. Our treatments for cancer today are all money orientated treatments and harm the body and the reasons why so many people are dying is because these treatments are only a short term solution.,Because of the control of the cancer industry doctors are only allowed to use the three treatments that are in place. They are not taught or don’t know any other way to treat cancer. The disease today is well understood; all the causes are known so the only approach to beat the disease so it doesn’t come back is to make important changes to your diet and lifestyle which then corrects the reasons why it first appeared.,There is little doubt that the skyrocketing cancer rate now days is a direct result of an unhealthy lifestyle and if people really knew the truth about it, would they subject themselves to those ineffective treatments. It’s because of our blind faith in our medical care system, that we summit to these treatments believing there is no other way.,There is most definitely other ways to win with cancer but someone needs to take charge of their health and learn about these ways to heal the body. Cancer is seldom cured by just treating it but it can be cured with changes through knowledge.

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