The abdomens can be worked out well using various types of exercises. A good abdominal workout will help you build a strong core, which is important to protect your spine and keep your body healthy. But you should know that depending only on a particular workout won’t help in getting good abs within short time.,The ACE commission carried out a study and this study points out the best body workouts to get a flat belly. One more study by the Biomechanics lab at San Diego State University lists about 13 exercises which are commonly practiced.,The bicycle workout was found the most effective exercise in this study. But one should follow the correct instructions as given below to practice this exercise. For further help, a personal health trainer can help a lot.,Here are the instructions for attempting the bicycle exercise.,2.Bring both knees up and toward the chest. Raise your shoulder blades off the ground but do not pull on the neck.,3.Rotate your left elbow to the right knee and straighten the left leg as you do so.,4.Pull your left leg back in while rotating to the right elbow the left leg and extending your right leg.,5.Continue to alternate these motion 1 to 3 sets of 10 to 20 reps depending on your comfort level.,This workout being the most effective one will surely provide good results but also trying to continue some other exercises along with it will provide further help. This exercise will be very effective for the abs. They will be completely worked out but it will be better if this exercise is continued with other useful exercises. Here are some of the top workouts for abdomus or six packs and the oblique, also known as waist. If you want to lose some weight then simply learn more.,Here are some of the best workouts for Abdomnus:,Top Ranking Workouts for Obliques,There are thus many workouts which can be useful but one may be more effective than the other. So, it is always recommended to rely on multiple workouts rather than a single one. These websites also save lot of money which would have otherwise been used for purchasing expensive workout equipment’s.,Make an effort to organize a minimum of two workouts every day. Attempt workouts until you find the one that works best for you.,You can just select the workouts from these provided lists and then continue the ones you are comfortable with. These workouts will really help if are continued for a certain duration. After having good abdominal muscles which will be fatless, you will look really good and also your body will become strong. Your posture will be corrected and it will remain correct. It is also know to eradicate lower back pain. But for best results, you can hire a personal trainer who will be the best advisor. The person will make sure that everything goes on correctly and without any difficulty.

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