If you are suffering from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome then you know just how painful or frustrating the Carpal Tunnel Symptoms can be. Most people want to find a reliable Carpal Tunnel Treatment as soon as possible and put it behind them. The problem is there are so many treatment options and so much confusion over what course to take. In this article we will give you some solid advice that blows out the myths and confusion and helps you to know the course you should take to get your Carpal Tunnel Symptoms treated with minimal downtime, risks and expense . It also will result in maximum treatment effectiveness in the shortest treatment time.,First myth, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome will cause nerve damage if not treated immediately and Surgery is a permanent fix and the best first treatment option. A patient suffering from this condition is often told in a rush to get a surgical procedure performed before they have nerve damage.,The truth is that Carpal Tunnel rarely leads to permanent nerve damage and Surgery is not a permanent fix. Most people will have to repeat Carpal Tunnel Surgery, if they elect to go that route.,However, many of the symptoms of CTS can be dangerous and even result in life threatening situations. The most dangerous symptoms are routine sleep interruption and sleep deprivation. This is the most dangerous aspect of Carpal Tunnel because it can lead to many other life threatening conditions such as high blood pressure, anxiety, heart disease, stroke, drowsiness when driving or operating dangerous equipment and low performance in your work.,People who think about it will not consider surgery a viable treatment option when they know the fact that in a high percentage of cases it has to be repeated every few years. It just does not make sense. Also, Surgery only works to the patient’s satisfaction in about 50% of cases. Surgery is a last resort.,Second Myth, Rigid Hand Braces or Wrist Splints are the best way to start treating Carpal Tunnel. These rigid devices are found everywhere in drug stores and pharmacies and are recommended for treating Carpal Tunnel.,The truth is that these rigid wrist supports immobilize the hand and wrist and often result initially in minimizing some of the discomfort associated with Carpal Tunnel, but in the long run immobilization with rigid hand splints will make Carpal Tunnel worse, not better. Immobilization of the hand and wrist leads to muscle atrophy in the hand and forearm within a relatively short time frame. Also, having a rigid hand splint constantly pressing on the soft tissue of the hand, wrist and forearm, injures the tissue which leads to swelling and loss of flexibility which will increase the pressure on the median nerve in the Carpal Tunnel.,Third Myth, Steroid Injections are a good treatment method for this dreadful hand condition. The truth is that Corticosteroids work for about 50% of people to offer immediate relief from their symptoms. However, steroid injections only relieve the symptoms for at most a few months and then you are back to dealing with your frustrating symptoms of CTS. So, if you just can’t stand it any long and must have a fix today, you can go to an emergency room and get a steroid injection. The shot itself is reported by some patients as very painful. The cost without insurance is about $400.00 plus the emergency room charge of $250.00.,The Truth is that there are long-term issues associated with corticosteroid use at high concentrations. In animal studies, these steroids have been found to start the arthritic process and joint deterioration has been identified over the long term. This is why medical text books limit the number of injections in a life-time to two injections per joint. For this reason we would say Steroid Injections are not a “good treatment option”, unless you are desperate and need relief right now, so you can get prepared for a longer term solution. Why take the joint risks for a short-term benefit?,Fourth Myth: Oral anti-inflammatory medication is a good option for treating Carpal Tunnel without surgery. Oral anti-inflammatory medication is only reasonable for short-term pain. It even says this on the label. It states that it should not be taken for longer than 10 to 14 days at any one time. For a chronic syndrome like CTS, 14 days is just not long enough to get results. Also, because it is taken orally, the medication spreads out throughout the body and only a small amount actually gets to the Carpal Tunnel where it is needed. Finally, there are many side effects associated with oral anti-inflammatory medication which can damage vital organs and your digestive system. Oral anti-inflammatory medication is just not worth the risks for a chronic syndrome like Carpal Tunnel.,So, what should a thinking person do? The vast majority of CTS sufferers find complete relief and get back to their active lives with Carpal Tunnel Stretching Therapy, provided they choose the right treatment regimen.,In the world of nonsurgical CTS treatments, all are not created equal. It is important to do the research online to find the products and methods that are most effective, have no risks, offer a money back guarantee and are documented with clinical studies and US FDA registrations.,You should get started today on a reliable stretching therapy that is based on patented medical technology, developed by a doctor working with patients, is registered with the FDA and that works for over 97% of people and offers a money back guarantee. The right kind of Carpal Tunnel Stretching Therapy restores flexibility to the soft tissue, reduces inflammation, increases circulation to the injured tissue and eliminates the pressure on the Median Nerve – all at minimal expense, no downtime and with no risks.,There is no way to duplicate the power of an eight hour stretching session each night with any day time stretching regimens. Make sure you go with a stretching treatment therapy that has the highest chance of working for you, so you do not waste your time, money and resources on something that does not work. All while your life is on hold, waiting for relief to begin.,Neurologists call the Carpal Solution Therapy the best treatment method for Carpal Tunnel. It assures that you are maximizing the stretching therapy. It provides active stretching of the tissue in the Carpal Tunnel for eight hours during sleep. There is no downtime, no risks of surgical complications, no joint deterioration, no muscle atrophy, no damage to vital organs and it has been documented to work for over 97% of people suffering with this miserable hand / wrist condition. It is a Six Week Protocol, all done in the comfort of home, while you sleep. What could be more convenient? So, there are no risks, the expense is minimal and it works for most people. Sounds like the right treatment approach for a busy person who wants to get their life back.,Now you know the fundamental information of what you need to know about how to treat Carpal Tunnel Syndrome without risks, downtime and without a lot of expense. No more myths and misinformation.,You should also explore non-surgical treatment options, like the Carpal Solution Therapy, in more detail. You will be glad you did!

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