Many obese people fail to realize that losing fat is not the same as losing weight. To reduce fat you need to reduce the water stored in fat cells along with other toxins. Losing fat is actually all about burning fat cells that in turn produces energy.,It is very common that bulk of the body fat is stored in thighs, stomach or buttocks. It is often a nightmare for obese men and women to get these body parts in to shape. Dieting won’t have any effect on them but there are ways to reduce fat.,To reduce fat you need to follow a couple of simple but strict rules.,Remember that you need to BURN fat to reduce it. There is no natural way to do that but to work out and work out with intensity! By exercising you are converting all the flab in your body into muscles which ensures that you don’t get skinny but become healthier and stronger. Strength training and cardio exercises also increases your body’s metabolic process when is essential to losing weight. Adding sit-ups, push-ups, squats and crunches to cardio workouts will lay emphasis on fat body parts and help to reduce fat much faster. A good intense 30 minute session every day will suffice.,While working out to reduce fat, you also need to make sure to stay away from what caused it. So taking the right food is important. Don’t go for any tinned or processed food items because they contain chemicals, fats and preservatives. Your best bet will be to cook food on your own. Try to eat protein filled diet; it’ll help your muscle-building process but don’t ignore the fat completely as it can prove to be disastrous for your body.,Avoid alcohol at all cost and drink plenty fresh juices. Alcohol adds fat to the tummy and so does the soft drinks. Therefore, they should be strictly avoided. Also cut down your carbohydrate intake and have them just after an exercise session. Switching to whole wheat grains will be good for you and also stay away from rice and white bread. Have your meals frequently instead of having heavy ones. You can break down traditional three meals in to smaller ones every three hours but never skip the breakfast.,It can be a bit difficult but not impossible to reduce fat. Now that you have the right information with you, all you need to do is to be persistent and keep looking at the goal till you get there!

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