For someone who’s been diagnosed with cancer there is one thing they will never be told and that is what caused it? The conventional approach to cancer today is that it’s mainly a genetic problem and the only way is to detect it early and treatment it. Because of the number of people dying from the disease now, this approach to cancer has mainly been a dismal failure.,Fate doesn’t decide whether you get cancer or not because cancer develops for a reason and this reason is the way we are now living. It is only a problem in developed countries as there is still very little in undeveloped countries. When you understand what cancer is and the reasons why it appeared you will understand what you can do to reverse it and the changes that are necessary to become cancer free.,There is only one cause of cancer and that is, something has gone wrong with your immune system because you cannot get cancer unless this system that keeps us healthy has been weakened and allowed these foreign cells to grow. It’s because the immune system has been weakened by our modern way of living, especially with the food we are all now consuming.,The treatments today are only surgery, radiation or chemotherapy and they are designed to remove these cancerous growths. However even if you undergo these conventional treatments, if you haven’t remove the reasons why it first appeared then it will only come back again but in some other part of the body and that’s when it becomes life threatening. That’s why it’s important to find the reasons why it first appeared and make changes to deal with those reasons.,Cancer will appear because we are eating too much of the wrong foods and not enough of the right food. The food we eat is our fuel that is designed to keep us healthy but today we are mainly consuming a diet of processed foods. All foods that have been processed have lost their nutritional value because of processing and that is the main reason why there is so much cancer now. It has other contributing factors as well and they are our over use of chemicals and our sedentary lifestyle.,Doctors are not taught the known factors that are causing the problem today; they are only taught how to treat the disease with their treatments which often harm the body. Since all cancers are a disease of an immune system that’s been weakened, it makes sense to find ways to strengthen this system we all have which will allow the body to fight the cancer naturally.,Cancer is actually a deficiency disease because the body is lacking in many of the vital elements that are essential for our health. That’s why just removing the growth which is what the treatments are attempting to do, don’t work. All deficiency diseases need to be corrected and the only way to do that is to address the reasons why it appeared in the first place by making changes.,The focus today should be to strengthen the important immune system which will allow it to fight the cancer. Unfortunately we spend billions of dollars treating cancer now yet we spend little promoting the consumption of freshly grown fruit and vegetables that doctors should know are beneficial to our health. The most powerful weapon in the fight to conquer cancer is the food you choose to eat everyday.

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