The focus today with our cancer treatments are to remove it quickly before it spreads and yet we are all conscious of the fact that there are more people dying from cancer now than in the past. While our current treatments have been refined over the last decade, just killing the cancer cells doesn’t actually help someone regain their health. There is a much better way to approach cancer but unfortunately it won’t be offered.,While our research scientists have spent years trying to locate the gene responsible for cancer, it’s important to realize that it is not bad genes that have caused the problem but simply because of the way we now live. Cancer is not a complex problem and there are simple solutions to reverse it but it needs a different approach than just eliminating cancer cells.,The reason why removing cancer doesn’t work is because it doesn’t address the reasons why it first grew and unless you do that, the cancer will only grow again but in some other area. Cancer is not caught; it develops over a period of time so because of our ineffective treatments you must do something about it yourself. Cancer develops because of bad diets and other lifestyle factors so common sense should tell you the first thing you do is change the food you have been eating that has contributed to the problem.,Cancer is always a disease of an immune system that’s been weakened, mainly because of poor diets which has produced a favourable condition for cancer to form. It naturally makes sense that the only treatment worthy of serious consideration lies within the domain of changing your diet and eating food that’s been designed for humans.,What we fail to realize is that our entire medical system is profit driven which is why our medicine is synthetic or man-made. A doctor won’t tell you to change your diet because doctors aren’t trained in nutrition. They are only trained in drugs or other profitable treatments. Yet there are a handful of doctors who are treating patients differently and having great success because they are addressing and correcting the reasons why it first appeared.,Someone with cancer needs to understand the healing power of nutritional therapy as well as the shortcomings of pharmaceutical drugs. Common sense should tell you that before you can cure a medical problem you have to remove the factors that first caused it. Anybody that doubts the efficiency of nutritional medicine hasn’t taken the time to learn about it.,Cancer cells will grow rapidly in a body that contains high toxins, low oxygen, a high refined sugar intake and an acidic environment. Cancer cells would have no reason to carry on growing and spread if this environment was reversed. That is if you change the environment, you can cause the cancer stem cells to revert back into normal cells. This is the logical step in healing cancer. Any person treating cancer must understand this basic principle in order to be successful.,The most effective way to beat cancer or to avoid it is to build up or enhance your defences against the disease by alkalizing your body through the food you eat, remove all chemical toxins and introduce oxygen into the body through some exercise. That is basic.,Remember remission is not a cure, nor is just removing symptoms a cure and that’s why our treatments today with their toxic drugs seldom work.

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