The Mass Confusion That Dominates In Fat Loss and Fitness Today,Are you confused about how to burn fat? Confused about the best way to get the body you want? Confused about what works and what doesn’t?,Are you working tirelessly, almost every day, on the treadmill, stair-climber, etc. to burn those calories and fat? Are you lifting weights several times a week to build some strength and muscle? Perhaps join an aerobics/spinning classes too?,Trying the latest diets that promises miracle fat burning and weight loss? Spending a lot of money on dietary supplements? Finally, carefully watching the scale if it goes up a pound or two?,STOP NOW!,Focus on what really matters in achieving lifelong fat burning, fitness and health. The basic principles that many people don’t know about, most people have forgotten, and only a select few put to use to achieve lifelong health and fitness.,With any exercise or nutrition program, you’ll probably lose some fat initially, but far too often the progress doesn’t continue or come as fast as you would like because you’re using a temporary mindset. You’re only focused on the short term and one specific goal.,The #1 reason for the lack of fat loss and fitness progress that is being experienced by the masses of exercisers and dieters in the world. Jumping from one fad diet or exercise routine to another, while losing sight of what really is important and what works.,Simply put, you are exercising far too much, not nearly intensely enough, and trying to adhere to unrealistic diet recommendations.,Focus on a long term plan, an often called lifestyle change, and don’t worry about losing 10 pounds by summer. You’ll find it far easier to do the right things most of the time.,The Right things include progressive, and intense resistance training, eating foods with rich nutrients, drinking lots of water, and getting plenty of sleep and rest.,Claim your free copy of Rob Poulos’s “7 Secrets of Permanent Fat Loss & Fitness” at his website: Fat Burning Furnace.,Here’s to your success!

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