Acne is a common skin condition characterized by skin inflammation. It occurs when skin pores get blocked by excess oil or dirt. The condition normally associated with puberty can occur at any time in human life, and it will be true to say that almost everyone has had gotten acne at one time in their lives. Treating it is an extremely costly affair; this is especially so if one visits a dermatologist, although it remains the best solution to acne never the less. Cutting down theses costs is also highly possible.,Below is a 10-step process of how to get rid of acne.,Take a lot of water and watch your diet-Water keeps your skin hydrated and assists get rid of toxins and quickens formation of new skin cells. One should take about 8 cups of water for a healthier skin. When it comes to the diet a lot of vitamins A and E E could be highly recommended, this is because they are crucial when it comes to the formation of a new skin. Avoid fast foods, as they will slow the new skin cells formation process.,Apply Aloe Vera products on the skin every day at least twice a day. This natural herb kills bacteria causing acne exceptionally fast and gives results. Some soaps and creams contain Aloe Vera.,Fruit juices will help one in curing acne. Other drinks containing antioxidants that fight acne-causing bacteria will also come in handy. Fruits build up your body immune system; a string immune system is able to tackle all forms of diseases including skin conditions such as acne.,Use natural skin cleansers, especially acidic fruit juices; they clean deep into the skin, getting bacteria and dirt trapped in the skin out of the body. Juices such as lemon juice and orange juice are good for use; this is because of their acidic content and Vitamin c.,Vitamin E is always essential for the skin since it guards the skin against acne. One should increase intake of food rich in Vitamin E, this will protest the skin and aid in forming new skin cells.,Avoid unnecessary stress. People, who are suffering of stress, are more likely to get acne. Much doctors associate acne to stress.,Make a face-mask using natural honey and apply every night before going to bed. Natural honey has curative properties that not only strengthen the skin but also heal acne.,Avoid the use of too much make-up. Some make-ups clog the skin pores, causing acne. If one has to use make-ups always try to go for natural products.,Avoid any contact with the acne pimples be it using your hands or hair. For those with long hair, always cover your hair when one goes to bed. Touching the acne, infected skin will cause irritation to the skin; this will slow down the healing process.,Exercise a lot. Exercising keeps your body fresh, and assists in oxidation, this will lead to more efficient food absorption, and the body will have more energy to fight bacteria within it.

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