There are numerous people nowadays considering bariatric or gastric bypass surgery due to the raising number of people in the U.S. that are struggling with their weight, and also since obesity has now become one of the top causes of death in recent years. A lot of people’s lives have already been saved using this procedure, and this surgery will help individuals that have had problems with their weight for a long time. Although, there are several things to consider before you have this procedure done.,The first thing for this procedure isn’t as simple as just wanting to lose weight, you must also meet certain criteria before undergoing this surgery. Normally, the individual will need to have a BMI higher than 35, placing them in the category of being morbidly obese. The doctors will check and see if the patients BMI has been high for several years, or if their weight is causing other negative health issues. Quite often, insurance companies will make sure that the patients have unsuccessfully made an effort to drop weight on some kind of approved program in the past. Many people might not be good candidates as a result of other medical conditions that make surgery dangerous.,Counseling will be the next critical step after individuals have gone through this surgery. Some practices require patients to take part in counseling beforehand. This can help patients get ready for changes, lets counselors measure how committed patients are, and helps patients understand some of the habits and emotions that led them to gain weight initially. Counseling may also be recommend by your doctor after you have had the surgery. Patients may feel that once they’ve had gastric bypass surgery, the tough part is over, but there can still be plenty of challenges in adapting to new eating habits and lifestyle. Counseling helps patients deal with every aspect of the procedure.,Following the bypass surgery, many of the people don’t understand the importance of a proper diet and healthy lifestyle changes. Patients will have a diet of liquids and soft foods that will be easy to chew for a few weeks after they have had the surgery, based on the exact surgery they have undergone. After that, with food consumption reduced, it’s important that patients focus on eating healthy and nutritious foods, and avoid sugary, fatty, or highly processed foods. Vitamins will also be required for the patients for the rest of their lives, due to the fact that the surgery bypassed an area of the intestines where a lot of our nutrients are absorbed into our bodies, and other health complications can develop if you have a vitamin deficiency.,Finally, a few of the changes that may take place in the patience appearance may be difficult to deal with. With many patients losing as much as half of their body weight in the first year following the procedure, weight loss is obvious – but this can result in skin looking loose or baggy. You are able to undergo surgery to have a more natural appearance, but research shows that getting the proper amount of exercise will also help with the appearance of your skin. Many patients will also experience some loss or thinning of hair due to changes in nutrient intake as well as hormonal levels. The benefits of the surgery are worth these cosmetic changes, but many patients find them upsetting if they aren’t prepared.,These are just a few lesser-known but important things to be aware of about gastric bypass surgery. This surgery can make a significant difference is the patient’s general health but it’s not some quick, simple solution that many make it out to be. If you’re considering getting the procedure, a consultation with a bariatric surgeon can give you a better idea of whether you’re a good candidate and what you may expect from the procedure.

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