Gum infection happens because of inadequate hygiene practices, leading to the deterioration of the gums in the long run. Bacteria are the cause of gum issues, which grows in abundance if left unchecked. With that being said, an individual with good oral hygiene practices on a daily basis, would also be victim to gum diseases. However, when brushing and flossing isn’t done regularly and the right way, everyday, gum diseases can happen as well. And we all know what a bother it can be, hence here are a few natural Home Remedies for Gum Disease which one can find in their kitchens to use and gain relief from.,Gum disease,The tissues that surround the gum are easily destroyed by bacteria. It is also said that plaque when not removed creates havoc, and tartar development when left unchecked can play truant too. These are causes for gum disease to breed and thrive, and they cause infection in the gum at a later stage too.,Do home remedies work?,Our grandparents in their time went less to the dentist and did most of their oral hygiene practices at home, using safe and natural ways to rid themselves of gum and teeth issues. Hence, yes it works and especially if one has reddish gums, bad breath, tooth aches or gums that pus. Discomfort and pains can be very annoying; it can ruin a whole day at work too. Worse still, foul breath too can mar your reputation around, which is an unpleasant gift of gum disease.,Home remedies,Antibiotics can have side-effects on anyone, and that is why home remedies are chosen to treat gum disease. No allergies, side-effects and resistance to bother about, not when everything you use for the treatment is au naturale,Salt and warm water when mixed and warmed in equal amounts, can be used as a mouth cleaner. This reduces the swelling of the gums and brings down inflammation and pain.,Aloe Vera is a blessing to have at home. The plant has properties to heal, especially when a paste of aloe Vera is applied on the area concerned or the juice of it is drunk for prevention of gum and teeth issues.,Paste of baking soda kills germs when applied on the infected area,Cinnamon oil and clove powder the two and apply it as a paste on the severely infected region. The paste helps reduce pain, swelling, reddish appearance, swelling and inflammation on a large extent,Garlic too can be an excellent home remedy, the paste consumed can kill infection or one can apply it on the area needed too.,It makes no sense spending so much on antibiotics and visits to the dentist, when Home Remedies for Gum Disease is in your kitchen.

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