Quite a few people ask me for advice on how to decide on the best fish oil supplements on the market. After all, there are without a doubt thousands of choices in stores and on the web. Having taken nutritional supplements for almost 12 years now, I have invested a lot of time learning what makes a premier Omega 3 fish oil supplement. Here are the principal criteria people should consider in selecting the best fish oil supplement.,Quality is the most vital factor in my opinion. If you’re putting something in your body that affects your health, do not decide to cut corners by simply shopping for the least expensive brand or “best deal”. Purchase the best fish oil your available funds will allow.,Fish oils in the supplement you purchase should come from cold water, ocean fish only and not from farm-raised. The latter type of fish are often higher in contaminants. Also, it is most desirable to buy fish oil supplements and vitamins that are made from smaller, oil-rich fish such as mackerel, sardines, and anchovies. Larger fish usually have higher amounts of pollutants and impurities because they are higher on the food chain.,Next is to buy a fish oil vitamin that contains a high concentration of omega 3 fatty acids. This means that it has a combination of EPA and DHA omega fats in a quantity of at least 1400 milligrams per serving. More diluted fish oil formulations (this usually means low price) don’t offer enough health benefits to make them worth buying.,Fish oil supplements in the triglyceride form are much more desired to ones in the common ester ethyl form. Without getting into the detailed science, the triglyceride form is a more natural one for fat cells that your body can more easily absorb. Research has confirmed that triglyceride form fish oil supplements are over 50% more bioavailable to your cells than the ester ethyl form. However, the triglyceride form is the more expensive of the two since it requires a more complicated manufacturing process.,Try to find an omega 3 fish oil vitamin that is either lemon flavor-infused or has enteric coating to help eliminate the fishy aftertaste that a majority of people complain about. Less expensive fish oils especially, are known to have more of a taste downside than highly purified ones.,And speaking of being purified, always buy a fish oil supplement that has been molecularly distilled to remove most or all of the heavy metals and contaminants common in ocean waters. You also want to make sure the supplier you buy it from makes their product to FDA, pharmaceutical grade standards and uses 3rd party testing to ensure high quality.,Discovering an excellent fish oil supplement is worth the time and money spent. Because the human body can’t produce omega 3 fatty acids, it’s very important for optimal wellness to make sure your diet has lots of them each day.

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