The most important change you can make if you are serious about overcoming cancer is the food you put in your mouth. Cancer is closely related to what we eat and since the wrong food is the most influential factor why it will develop then it makes sense that changing your diet can have a huge outcome to a cancer patient who is fighting the disease.,Everyone is mystified as to why there is so much cancer now yet when you look at who’s getting cancer and where it is predominately a problem it is not difficult to find the reasons why. Today the food we eat has changed and so has the rate of cancer in western developed countries where it is highest. Today we suffer from a different set of health problems than 50 to 60 years ago and cancer is one of the main ones.,What we eat determines our state of health. Most patients who are successful in healing cancer make significant changes to their diet and life-style. In fact, healing requires changes, big changes. If we attack the tumour without improving the underlying system, the body will usually grow more cancer. It’s important for someone just diagnosed with the problem to do something about it themselves instead of just leaving it to your doctor to solve the problem.,This is not something that has just been discovered as there are many clinics around the world that are using our natural food as medicine successfully. The Gerson therapy has been using food to heal cancer patients since the 19:50s. Another is the Joanna Budwig diet which has helped many people, also the macrobiotic diet which addresses the reasons why it first grew. All these therapies strengthen the immune system which is our self-repair system and has the amazing ability to heal the body of diseases when it is functioning properly.,If you got cancer from eating the wrong food, would you look for a cure by considering the treatments that are in place today while you kept on eating more of this same food that caused the problem? No. So why then do we spend so much time and money on finding a cure, while why we keep pouring in the food that allowed cancer to grow in the first place. Change the food you are eating and a cure will happen. That is common sense.,There are certain foods we love to eat that must be eliminated from the diet if you are going to beat the disease. Fatty processed meats that are low in fibre and contain the carcinogenic additive sodium nitrate which is known to contribute to cancer. Also food that is highly salted, pickled or smoked. Meat can also become carcinogenic because of the way we cook it with barbequing or frying as high temperatures in cooking are known to promote cancer.,Nature, on the other hand gives us an array of food to beat the disease and this food will attack the underlying causes that allowed cancer to first appear. This almost exclusively revolves around a plant based diet and at the top of the list is food from the cruciferous family which are broccoli, cabbage, brussel sprouts and cauliflower. They are unequalled in helping someone survive the disease.,To stop cancer your diet must include freshly grown and in season fruit and vegetables, preferably from a variety of colour so start your day with a healthy fruit breakfast. The perfect food for lunch is a salad using an assortment of colour which should include garlic. Pumpkins, sweet potatoes, carrots including green leafy vegetables are great for the evening meal. Finish off with dessert of berries, grapes or watermelon.,Consuming fruit and vegetables in their natural state is an important way to reverse any cancer because freshly grown food is our medicine that keeps us disease free. These foods have been created and grown by nature, and nobody can improve on nature.,Remember there is no treatment or drug and there will never be one that cures the reason why cancer first developed.

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