How many times do you hear someone say to you “I never get sick?” Or maybe you say that yourself. Why get health insurance coverage if there is nothing wrong with me? As the clock ticks toward the 2014 launch of the Affordable Care Act, health leaders across the nation are embarking on a tough task: persuading young adults to enroll. Their participation will be critical to balance out older, sicker patients more likely to sign up for health insurance as soon as they are able.,This has been the battle that private insurers have faced in the past as well. If any plan regardless if it is a private carrier or the plans in “ObamaCare” the only way it would ever work is if there is a “balance” in the age of the people who apply. The success of the healthcare law depends on reaching everyone who is uninsured, but particularly young people who may feel like they don’t need insurance.,Beginning in 2014, nearly everyone will be required to have insurance or face a fine — $95 or 1% of their household income in the first year. Many young adults who are not covered through work or their parents may be eligible for Medicaid or the new state-based insurance market places known as exchanges.,Health officials worry that the fine, which increases over time isn’t high enough to convince people to sign up for coverage. The penalty itself will not convince a young person or any other person. Young people will need to understand the risks of not having health insurance. If there is a lack of young people signing up there is a concern that the older, sicker generation will use up all the money that is set aside for the “Obamacare” plans,So parents of the younger generation, please call us. We can insure your son or daughter so that you will not have the stress of trying to protect them and answering to the federal government all at the same time.

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