Over 28 million Americans are afflicted by migraines, that are characterized by severe headache pain. The main priority of all those migraine sufferers is find out a simple and effective remedy for these terrible headaches. Migraines are thought to be caused by engorged blood vessels in the brain. This is a direct outcome of varying serotonin levels. Many external factors can trigger these fluctuations. Migraine triggers vary from one person to the next, If you suffering from this problem, this article might be quite helpful as we have summarized a couple of simple and effective home remedies. They are as follows:,Keep a pocket notebook with you at all times, and record the circumstances you experience throughout each day. Is your environment brightly lit, noisy or smelly? What foods and liquids did you consume? Keeping a record of these facts will give you some useful insights regarding what could be producing your migraine headaches.,Organizing the migraine dairy data in three separate columns will make it much easier for you to identify the triggers and understand how your body responds to these stimuli. Column one is for the environmental stimuli; column two is for foods and drink. The last column is for symptoms and the times they occurred. When you realize what is causing your migraines, it is easy to eliminate those factors.,A good scalp massage treatment is among the most effective home remedies for migraine headaches because it works more often than not! If you happen to live with a certified massage therapist, you’re in luck! But you can administer this yourself. Keep your palms flat against your head above your ears. Rub in a circular motion, five times in one direction, then five times the other way. Repeat this exercise five times or until your symptoms fade away.,Unremitting pain leads to symptoms of anxiety and depression, which only worsens the migraine problem. Implementing the Four Point Breathing Technique can reduce these symptoms. Sit straight with your feet on the floor. Take in air slowly through the nose while counting four seconds. For the next four second, hold your breath and then exhale slowly through the mouth. As you exhale, make an effort to picture every negative thought and feeling leaving your body with your depleted air. Repeat at least four times, until you feel better.,The Muscle Progressive Relaxation Technique is yet another of these home remedies for migraines . It can be applied anyplace at any time, every time you develop a migraine. Sit down on the floor with your feet crossed, close your eyes and inhale slowly through the nose for ten seconds. As you inhale, clench your right hand as tightly as possible. Then, breathe out for ten seconds as you slowly unclench your hand. Do a couple of repetitions until your headache subsides.,Lack of sleep can affect serotonin production in your brain, which could result in a migraine attack. On average, at least 7-8 hours of restful sleep is require for good health. This means you must give yourself the opportunity to sleep for 7.5 hours by scheduling at least that much time for no other activity other than sleep. Set a a fixed routine for your evening activity and bedtime. Relax your mind by practicing meditation as it helps you to sleep better.,Create a neutral sleep environment as another of the best home remedies for migraines . Be sure that your bedroom is properly ventilated and maintained at a cool temperature. The area should be dimply lit and free from noise disturbances. Remove all possible irritations and distractions such as puzzles, novels, electronic entertainment, stereos and computers. These sleep tips will allow your brain to re-set its serotonin production and minimize future migraine attacks.

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