Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is a condition which will affect one in ten people and will likely affect you or someone in your inner circle sometime in your lifetime. In this era of technological gadgetry everyone is typing, texting and using a mouse more and more hours each day. All jobs seem to require intense use of one’s hands, so this frustrating condition is reaching epidemic proportions. It occurs when the soft tissue surrounding this narrow passage at the base of the hand, gets injured, loses its flexibility and contracts on the nerve. Small amounts of Lymphatic fluid can also build up in the injured tissue and a little excess fluid in this tight space can wreak havoc in your personal life and inhibit the use of your hand.,Whilst anybody can suffer from this debilitating condition, it is important that if you or your loved ones or friends, are in one of the most ‘at risk’ groups, that you be familiar with and keep a close watch on the early developments of any Carpal Tunnel Symptoms. This is one of the conditions where it is important to deal with the problem before it gets more chronic and leads to other complications. If neglected, it can lead to more challenging issues such as muscle atrophy in the hand and forearm, and rarely, but in some cases where serious neglect has taken place, a person can experience permanent nerve damage and loss of feeling in their fingers and hands. On this page you are going to discover the symptoms that will help you be aware of the first signs of Carpal Tunnel.,When it comes to Carpal Tunnel Symptoms there are many tell-tale signs that this dreadful disorder is underway in your hand / wrist area. With Carpal Tunnel, the patient often presents with a wide variety of possible symptoms. Here are some of the most common early symptoms:,A tingling sensation that comes and goes and is usually worse at night during sleep. As the disorder worsens over time, the tingling will likely become constant day and night. Sleep deprivation is the most dangerous aspect of this condition. It becomes very distracting when it is difficult to sleep and difficult to perform at work.,Numbness of the fingers. The Median Nerve controls the index finger, the middle finger and part of the ring finger and all of the thumb. So, with Carpal Tunnel this is where the tingling and numbness will occur. It can affect one, some, or all of the above fingers in the hand.,Loss of fine motor skills again in the index, middle and ring fingers and in the thumb.,Some people experience severe pain and what they describe as a strange kind of aching that gets worse the longer the condition goes unchecked. Many people report no pain in the beginning stages; they only experience numbness and tingling.,At the start you may experience these symptoms only at night and when you wake up in the morning. As this discouraging hand condition progresses the numbness and tingling become painful and aching! Some people only experience Carpal Tunnel in one hand. About fifty percent of people experience CTS in both hands. You may experience these symptoms in one or both of your hands at the same time.,People with sleep interruption issues, find if they only treat their worst hand, that the other hand will keep them awake.,In addition to these Carpal Tunnel Symptoms, there are many other symptoms which can also occur, and make it difficult for a general practitioner to make a confident diagnosis. Here is a list of some other symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome that are good to keep in mind.,Dull ache that covers your entire hand. You may also experience this ache in your arm as well.,Sometimes the dull achiness is concentrated in your wrist, causing people to believe that the problem is in the wrist. Actually the Carpal Tunnel is in the base of the hand just above the wrist.,Carpal Tunnel discomfort can follow the nerve path from the pinch point at the base of the hand and affect each joint on the way up to the cortex of the brain. These include the wrist (most common), the shoulder (very common), the elbow and even the neck.,Burning sensation in your hand. This is very similar to pins and needles (that thing you get when you lay on your hand for long periods of time),Dry skin or even a change of colour in the hand.,You are less sensitive to pain in your hand. You may even find that you cannot feel the lightest touch.,Extreme weakness in your hand, notably your thumb. You may even notice that the muscles in your thumb start to disappear as they melt away due to muscle atrophy.,You may find it extremely difficult to grip objects in your hand. People commonly report dropping a cup and an inability to button buttons. You may also find that you will struggle to lift even the lightest objects.,If you are suffering from any of these symptoms on a consistent basis then it is strongly suggested that you explore your options for treatment sooner rather than later. It is human nature to procrastinate treatment until they cannot stand it anymore. With Carpal Tunnel this in not a good idea. Some women describe the pain of Carpal Tunnel as worse than child birth. Men have said they want to cut off their hands to end the continuous aching and dreadful and incessant tingling sensation. With most medical issues early diagnosis and treatment is key, but with Carpal Tunnel it is even more essential.,Neurologists suggest that the best first line of defence for Carpal Tunnel Treatment is the Carpal Solution Therapy. This is a natural stretching therapy that can be done in the comfort of home during sleep using a Six Week Therapy Pac provided by First Hand Medical. The Carpal Solution is a better way to treat Carpal Tunnel Symptoms, because there are no side effects, no potential complication and no risks. Also, there is no down time and it works for 97% of people who exhibit any of the above Carpal Tunnel Symptoms.,The longer you leave it, the more chance that you have of doing severe damage to your wrist and hand. So explore your treatment options today and get the relief you are looking for from CTS without the risk and without the downtime and expense of Carpal Tunnel Surgery.

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