Mental illnesses do not choose by age, gender or race. It can happen to everyone and anyone. That is why when a loved one is diagnosed with it, special care and attention is needed to ensure their safety, security and well-being. Therefore selecting the right health care must be done with utmost care and meticulous selection process. Furthermore, reports of maltreatment and abuse by residential caregivers to elders and special children have steadily been increasing, causing relatives and families to be alarmed. Here is a simple guide on how to choose the right care homes in Surrey for your loved ones.,Quality Residential Homes. When choosing residential homes, it is not enough that the home is cheap and accommodating. You should set a series of criteria and make sure that the care home is capable of passing your criteria. Make sure that the staff and employees are properly trained and equipped to handle emergency cases. The home must have clear, bright, and well-ventilated rooms and recreation areas for the residents. Since there are different kinds and stages of mental illness, they should assess and test patients for suitability before they are housed with existing residents. Make sure that the residents’ care and needs are met by the care homes and are of top priority.,Ask Questions. Don’t be afraid to ask around and know the story of every care home. Take the time to talk with other families who have relatives staying there to find out how the system works. Don’t be satisfied by mediocre service, ask your friends, relatives and colleagues if they know a reputable care home. Browse the Internet and read up on the reviews, blogs and feedback from other people; you can also visit community sites and forums to get ideas and suggestions. If it is a care home that has been providing quality service, you can be assured that your family is in safe hands.,Consider all possible options. Check out the facilities and the local neighborhood. Make sure that the facility and the entire place is safe and accessible to visiting relatives. Consider what will make them feel comfortable and secure if they like a place that has a clear view of the ocean or if the home has a huge garden in it. Check out the activities and programs that the care homes have for their residents. Know what other services are being offered aside from the basic services.,The safety, comfort and well-being of your loved one(s) should always be considered as top priority when making a decision. It is best to talk with the whole family to be able to come up with the best decision that would ultimately affect them.

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